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Introducing Bidaid's Super 7: FREE Transformative Tools for Your Next Fundraising Event

At BIDAID, we're excited to roll out the Super 7, a comprehensive suite of interactive fundraising tools seamlessly integrated into our auction and event software. With these tools, we're setting a new standard in the industry for dynamic, engaging fundraising events. Best of all, we’re now offering our innovative fundraising software for FREE when you use our auction lots, a substantial saving from the previous fee of £995 per event.

Explore the Super 7: Our Game-Changing Fundraising Tools

1. Raffle: A Proven Crowd-Pleaser

Our raffle tool is a classic that continues to excite and engage a global audience, consistently driving significant fundraising results. This tool infuses your auction platform with an energetic vibe, pulling in more participants eager to try their luck.

2. UWin Raffle: Only at BIDAID

With the exclusive UWin Raffle, spotlight your top sponsors and donors using our advanced Sponsorship Management features within the admin area. This tool is designed to give prominent recognition to your supporters, enhancing their visibility and engagement.

3. Live Donations: Instant Impact

Enable attendees to make real-time donations during your event with our Live Donations tool. Donors can choose from preset amounts or specify their own, making it easy and fast to contribute directly through our platform.

4. Sponsors: Showcase and Leverage

Leverage our platform to showcase your event sponsors prominently. By featuring logos and profiles, you not only provide valuable exposure to your sponsors but also utilise our exclusive sponsor network to secure unparalleled financial support.

5. Silent Auction Lots: High Stakes, High Rewards

Our silent auction tool allows participants to place a single, decisive bid on unique items, pushing them to commit fully to win. This method is perfect for auctioning off highly desirable or one-of-a-kind items.

6. Auction Lots: Engaging and Competitive

Engage your attendees with a traditional auction experience where they can bid and be outbid in real-time. This feature keeps excitement high with continuous updates and interactive elements like live notifications and a leaderboard.

7. Buy It Now: Quick and Convenient Sales

For items that you wish to sell at fixed prices, our Buy It Now tool offers an efficient solution. Whether it's multiple units of a single item or exclusive charity merchandise, this function simplifies the selling process during your event.

Get Started with BIDAID's Innovative Solutions

If you're planning your next charity event and exploring fundraising options, BIDAID’s Super 7 tools are designed to elevate your fundraising efforts. Our platform is now more accessible than ever, and our team is ready to assist you in maximising your event’s success.

Reach out to us at hello@bidaid to learn more and start planning your event with the best tools in the industry.

Vanessa Edwards
Friday, 31st May 2024

Super 7