Event Pro

Let us handle the auction for you with Event Pro. This service gives you the chance to customise your requirements with our technology, management, staffing, payment processing and financial reporting in one package - Making your event run seamlessly from start to finish.

Event Pro

Zero Risk... Maximum Potential


That's right, no upfront payment for your using our industry leading platform at your event.

We include 30+ auction lots at every event where we guarantee 100% of profits above reserve go to charity. But that’s not all, BIDAID also give charities 5% of the reserve price to ensure that you are raising as much money as possible!

Our efforts ensure you gain high value bids, which is why we only receive 10% of any auction items that you include for the


Service Features


Guest Registration

On arrival your staff can register guests via our system. You can upload your guest list to our system in the admin control.

SMS Notifications

Bidders receive text notifications to confirm bids, when they have been outbid and for any donations they have made. SMS notifications can be deactivated in the user account.

Standard Auctions

This is the conventional auction style where two or more bidders compete for an item. All participants know how much each individual has bid, with the winner being the participant who has bid the highest amount by the auction end time

Sealed Auctions

A silent auction allows participants to make bids anonymously on selected lots. The participant is encouraged to make their maximum bid for this item as nobody will be informed of the leading bid value. Only at the end of the auction will a winner be revealed.

Event Leaderboard

Our auction software provides a live, responsive and exciting display of all current auction activity. The leaderboard encourages and inspires more bids, donations and interaction. The leaderboard also allows you to display sponsors and promote your charity cause or brand message.

Custom URL

Looking for those attention to detail products that really highlight the professionalism of your event? BIDAID offers a free custom URL for your auction - ideal for pre bidding to add that little extra touch of class. Furthermore a SSL certificate provides additional security ensuring your guest are comfortable processing payments for their purchases and donations.

Pre Event Bidding

Encourage your patrons to bid prior to your event using your unique auction link. Pre event bidding can be carried out by anyone you send your link to - whether they are attending the event or not. This increases the volume of bids and donations

System Management

Event Builder

Build your own event in minutes with our bespoke event builder. Add inventory, guest lists, sponsors and everything else in no time at all. Your account manage is also on hand to set up your event if required or assist you through the process. Create a stunning online auction today.

Admin Management

Your event manager can access all elements of your fundraising event and edit and add all services. Add products , edit descriptions add sponsors all in real time ensuring and issue arising can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Bid Management

During live auctions admin users can adjust, delete and manage bids in the system. This allows for adjustments to be made to any bidder making a bid in error or any other unlikely issue with bids.

BIDAID Catalogue

Access our bespoke auction catalogue providing you the ability to add memorabilia, art and experiences with a click of a button.


Event Manager

We will provide an experience events manager to manage BIDAD staff, manage auction operations and support you with maximising fundraising opportunities during your event.

Event Staff

Fully trained staff can be provided by BIDAID to assist your guests during the event to ensure everyone has the chance to get involved. BIDAID staff have extensive knowledge of our lot catalogue and can support with any questions or queries your patrons may have. The event staff are also on hand to take card payments using our provided terminals.

Product Display

Prior to your event start time, BIDAID will arrange an elegant display of memorabilia and auction lots in a pre-agreed area of your event venue. Using subtle lighting, materials and a pinch of creativity, we can generate a feature setting that really attracts and inspires your guests to place a bid.

Payment Processing

Payment Facilities

BIDAID staff are fully trained on our payment terminals, allowing us to take payment from your winning bidders instantly. We use WorldPay wifi terminals which take all major debit and credit cards so we are fully flexible in supporting fundraising payments. Fees start at as little as 2.5% and we can even provide the option for your guests to donate the processing free within their purchase, a feature which can be activated on the Event Builder platform.

Gift Aid

Guests can opt in to the UK Government operated ‘Gift Aid scheme allowing qualifying taxpayers to donate 25p on the £1 of donations at your event. A donation qualifies as a specified donation or the total amount of any auction lot minus the reserve price of any lot which is to be the product RRP.

Event Reporting

Live Report

Admin users have access to live reports, detailing key figures during your event. This offers you the opportunity to view participant engagement, volume of bids, total donations and much more - allowing you to full track your fundraising progression throughout the auction period.

Financial Report

Immediately upon conclusion of your event you can access a full comprehensive detailed report providing in accurate sales figures and statistics.

Event Summary

An event summary is available for your perusal providing you an basic overview of your charity auction. Ideal for quickly assesing the success of your evening and sharing with your colleagues and partners.

Auction Items

To qualify for the £0.00 pricing fee for your event BIDAID requires to have at least 30 auction lots included in your event auction. Additionally BIDAID will retain a 10% commission of all revenue raised above the reserve amounts of each auction.

Product Targeting

BIDAID’s product department constantly adapt to seasonal, popular and lucrative trends ensuring your auction lots are unique and desirable. Based on our industry experience we advise on the best products to suit your event based on the various demographics. Unlike other operators we develop all our memorabilia in-house and have exclusive contracts with several providers ensuring your audience is not subject to generic lots.