About Us

BidAid is the ultimate all-inclusive, virtual, silent-auction platform: we’re one of the leading international providers of both tech provision and, uniquely among our competitors, bespoke memorabilia.

With unrivalled levels of customer support, as well as our exclusive art offerings and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, our auctions are sure to excite your audience and amplify your fundraising potential!

BIDAID is a one-stop shop! We have our own custom-built tech which has been developed using years of running charity events and auctions. The platform is not only visually stunning, but is customised for each client based on individual event needs. We provide fully integrated social media, email and text communications to enable you to reach a global audience and raise money all year round!

Every auction is bespoke – because your audience is as deserving of individual attention as your cause!

Managing Director/Founder

Jamie Baulch

"To be the best you have to give everything. Nothing Less.
Hard work, effort and sacrifice are required to achieve greatness.
As an Olymmpic Silver medalist and World Championship Gold medalist... BIDAID is my greatest acheivement to date."

Jamie Baulch

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