We've Got the Lot

We may have the industry’s leading charity auction platform, however it doesn’t end there! We provide our partners with a comprehensive range of exclusive auctions lots to excite and engage guests whilst also driving the increase of fundraising revenue.


Our seasonal, bespoke and high quality range of memorabilia includes limited edition artwork, beautiful framing and breath-taking imagery - ensuring a fresh and appealing catalogue of auction lots for guests at your event. Guests want a new experience at each event they attend, which is why we believe in offering a variety of well researched auction lots that are tailed to your audience.


Our team have built strong relationships with suppliers through years of experience, allowing us to provide you with exclusive services and enabling the creation and offering of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. We also work alongside trusted leading experience providers to offer over 100 experiences that can really add to your auction catalogue.


Through our contacts, you can trust us to source rare and high-end auction lots when requested. There are no limits on what we can get our hands on: watches, cars, wine, fashion items and much more - You name it, we will get it! Whether it is an intimate gathering or an event for the masses, we want to support you in providing a rich and engaging auction for an event that guests will be talking about for years to come!


We develop unique products with sustainable materials as well as contemporary methods to ensure our products can be tastefully displayed. Unlike traditional memorabilia, we design products that can be displayed subtly and enhance any room or space required.

Our products are created with consideration to ensure unimposing placement - allowing universal display that allows enables buyers to benefit from their nostalgic and fanatic desires without an over imposing aesthetic.

The removal of third party industry suppliers increases charity revenue and total lot conversion as well as increasing customer engagement in active and future auctions. 95% of auction lots are bespoke to BIDAID compared to other providers who provide 95% commercial items that can be identified online for significantly lower prices… resulting in reduced bids, customer dissatisfaction and future disengagement.


We provide a wide range of experiences and holidays to suit the needs of all your guests. We offer a combination of our very own exclusive bespoke experiences alongside a list of industry leading experiences that ensure optimal fundraising at your event. Whether it be champagne tasting in the south of France, a luxury villa holiday in the Bahamas or even enjoying the sounds of the engines, trackside at the F1 race weekend down in Monaco, there is something for everyone..


Our collection of Memorabilia is like no other as we design, create and manufacture all our own collections ensuring that at our events bidders are offered exclusive, limited and desirable pieces. With over 15 years in memorabilia, we ensure our products are unique, seasonal and on trend guarantee engagement with your audience thus increasing charity revenue.


We have developed exclusive partnerships with several premium art suppliers and now provide commercially desirable products at affordable prices for your events. This ensures significant fundraising opportunities for our charity partners. With access to a wide selection of art, there is an opportunity to offer an array of exciting auction lots at different price points ensuring the auction lots are suitable for your audience.

The Extra Mile

Travel and experiences are extremely desirable and enjoyed by charity event patrons. Ensuring unique and exclusive experiences and travel is the most challenging aspect, however working with dedicated and visionary partners has ensured we can go beyond the conventional experience available to most.