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  • Plus icon What is BidAid?

    BIDAID is a comprehensive, global silent-auction platform that offers cutting-edge technology solutions and custom-designed memorabilia for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

  • Plus icon How can we work with BidAid?

    If you want to exceed your charity fundraising target, then get in touch with our team via email! One of our experienced event managers will support you in creating a seamless fundraising auction experience for your guests

  • Plus icon Why use BidAid?

    We strive for excellence. Our technology is world class. Our memorabilia and experiences are outstandingly desirable. We understand the importance of high class service, why go anywhere else.

  • Plus icon What is the difference between Event Pro and Event Serve?

    Event Pro allows BidAid to do everything for you. We provide the staff, greet guests, take payments from patrons, set up the lots on display, provide you with financial summaries and ensure all winning bidders receive their items. Event Serve puts our tech in your hands, leaving you to take control of your own event and run things how you want to!

  • Plus icon What happens if I need support with Event Serve?

    Our team are always available to answer any questions you have. If you need support during your event, we will provide details of how to contact us to ensure that your event runs as seamlessly as possible - day and night.

  • Plus icon Who decides on which items are in the auction?

    BidAid carries out in depth research to ensure that auction lots are varied and unique to each event, encouraging as much engagement from your guests as possible. Items in the auction can vary from VIP Experiences to rare signed memorabilia depending on what you feel will be the best offering for your guests.

  • Plus icon Can we use our own items in the auction?

    Of course! We can add any item to our website to encourage guests to bid. You can either add these items yourself or we can do it for you. All you need to do is add a few images, set the reserve price and you’re ready to go.

  • Plus icon Who takes bidder payment for Event Pro?

    BidAid can provide fully trained staff at any event to take payment from your guests using any one of our multiple wifi card terminals.

  • Plus icon Can I view how much we have raised throughout the event?

    Yes - Our technology allows you to view exactly how much has been raised via the online auction at any time during the event. This means both the charity and guests can keep track of funding and ensure that you exceed your event fundraising targets!

  • Plus icon Will BidAid provide staff?

    BidAid have fully trained staff that can support you and your guests during your event. Staff can be on hand to greet guests, take payments and answer any questions about our technology and auction lots.

  • Plus icon What happens if the winning bidder isn’t at the event?

    If any guest is unable to attend your event, or simply just wants to participate from home, BidAid will invoice the winning bidder. We will email the bidder to congratulate them on their win, arrange payment and inform you once the invoice has been paid..

  • Plus icon What happens if a bidder can’t pay?

    No card? No problem! We will take all off the guest’s details and send them an invoice after the event to ensure that you still receive all of the funds from the winning bidders.

  • Plus icon Can we use iPads as well as mobile phones?

    Of course - you can use our technology on any touch screen tablet or phone. These may be tablets you have provided, or ones that BidAid can lend you for the event.

  • Plus icon When will we receive the financial summary?

    BidAid will provide the charity with a post-event pack which details auction lots sold, bids, fees and total monies raised during the event. We will also provide you with any outstanding payments on your items to ensure that you are kept up to date with invoices and auction lot deliveries.

  • Plus icon What happens if it doesn’t go to plan?

    We aim to provide you with all of the tools to ensure your event runs as planned. BidAid proves a full check list, along with personal support and advice in the case that something doesn’t go as smoothly as you’d like. Our dedicated team are able to make quick adjustments to the technology - so if you feel something is missing or you just need a little extra, no ask is too big! We aim to continue to provide the best product and service that the industry can offer!