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Charity Starts at Home

Ways to fundraise from home.

The saying ‘charity starts at home’ has been a bit of a funny excuse people have been giving to not give to charity. However, as the years have gone by, general attitudes towards world health and charitable causes have changed. Having seen a 19% rise in volunteering in the UK over the past 5 years paired with a 40% spike in the number of non-profits formed, we are no longer turning a blind eye to issues such as poverty, racism, sexism and global warming.  

This is why the idiom ‘charity starts at home’ is almost a positive, with families now actively looking for ways in which they can fundraise from the comfort of their humble abode. 

Today, we take a look at a few ways in which you can gather funds for a chosen charity from home. 

Community jumble sale  

Where ‘yard sales’ are something we only really see in American films, they are a great way to raise money quickly whilst involving the local community. Basically being a carboot sale conducted from home, a jumble sale can both recycle your old goods and raise funds for your chosen cause.  

If this is a fundraising method you are thinking about, be sure to conjure up some interest beforehand. By knocking on neighbours’ doors and letting them know of your plans, you can actively increase the footfall!  

It is also worth making the charity aspect clear for everyone to see, ensuring everyone knows that the money they spend on your unwanted items will go towards doing good.  

Get online  

If you want to raise money for a charity but are stuck at home then start making use of the wonderful fundraising opportunities the internet has to offer.  

Begin with social media, a part of the internet that has so much to offer both active and occasional fundraisers. From Facebook’s dedicated fundraising tool and pages to Instagram’s new charity fundraising stickers for Instagram Stories, such platforms are doing all they can to support charities in their fundraising missions.  

Social media also provides a space for you to share details and images about your fundraising mission. Whether that be a link to your blog, your JustGiving page or an update from the charity you are supporting, social media provides you with a space to promote your cause to the masses.  

Coffee mornings  

Macmillan Cancer Trust is famed for their Coffee Morning campaign, encouraging people all over the UK to host a mini tea party at their homes and charge for the treats served. Seeing friends and family bake cakes and sell slices to each other, these mornings have been responsible for millions of pounds of donations. 

So, if you are looking for a fun, informal way to raise a few bob for your charity, a coffee morning is a great idea.  

Host a dinner party (and charge for it!)  

Programmes such as Come Dine With Me and MasterChef have got us all thinking we are culinary geniuses, seeing us test our cooking ability and hosting skills in front of friends and family.  

But, there is a way that we can make some money for charity by ‘playing host’. By charging your guests for the meal you have created, you can donate it to charity, charging them what they would pay if they were dining at a restaurant. And, if those in your friendship group take it in turns to host, you and your mates can fundraise every single weekend, having fun, socialising and doing your bit for charity all at once.  

Host a silent auction at home  

Worried that fundraising from home will only encourage small donations? Well, that is certainly not the case.  

Here at BidAid, we have seen many charitable individuals host fundraising events at their home. These include silent auctions; a tried and tested way to make some real money for worthy causes.  

In essence, a silent auction is an auction whereby participants bid on items blind, not knowing what others have said they will pay for it. Going against each other to bag the prize/item, bidders will try and out-bid others based purely on what they think others have wagered. What this does is encourage bidders to ‘go big’, upping their bids to try and secure the winning bid. Though bad news for those who have bid outbid, this type of competition is great for the charity!  

Silent auction services through BidAid  

Here at Bid-Aid, we are a supplier of silent auction services, offering both paper and tablet bidding facilities at all types of charity fundraising events. Having been doing this for many years now, we allow fundraisers to maximise their fundraising potential, even supplying the memorabilia for our customers to auction. Renowned for having the best sports memorabilia and authentic experiences in the industry, we ensure all the events we work at are memorable. This is only enhanced by our sleek service, second-to-none auctioneers and general ability to put on a real show! 

If you would like to learn more about hosting a large charity fundraising event and how our services can help, contact us today.  

Vanessa Edwards
Monday, 12th August 2019