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Bid-In: Your Charity Fundraising Partners

When placed in charge of arranging a charity event, you will quickly notice your long to-do list and its ever-growing nature. From venues and parking to food, entertainment and ticket sales, your responsibilities as a planner are plentiful to say the least.  

This is why at Bid-Aid, we work as fundraising partners, working closely with charities, events planners and businesses that have ambitious fundraising targets. 

Taking on many of the pressures and tasks associated with raising money for charities and nonprofits, we today paint you a picture of how we can support you in your charitable mission.  

So, if you are thinking of raising money through a silent auction, read on!  

We will source your memorabilia 

Steering the business is Jamie Baulch, Welsh Olympic champion and highly-regarded philanthropist. Following his retirement from international sport, Jamie ventured into the world of memorabilia, becoming heavily involved in the Welsh rugby scene. Deciding to turn a passion into a business and long-standing career, he set up Bid-Aid.  

While at the helm of the business, behind the scenes, Jamie is sourcing memorabilia from the sports stars and celebrity figures within his network, able to create money-can't-buy items that wow bidders.  

Not only does this secure the quality and authenticity of the memorabilia, but it also means that charities and event planners do not have to try and find the time to gather donations, contact celebs or part with money to buy memorabilia to sell on and hopefully make a profit for the charity. 

Booklets and bidding sheets by us  

Usually, when planning a silent auction in the traditional sheet-bidding format you will be responsible for mapping out, designing and printing the booklets and bidding sheets. While it may not sound like this a huge task, if you do not have a good eye for design, a flair for creative writing or print contacts within reach, creating brochures and printed materials for a silent auction can become a real chore.  

But, with a team of incredible creatives in-house, the Bid-Aid team can take all of those demands from you, creating everything you and your guests need to bid the night away. 

Supplying the best technology in the business  

Want your silent auction is be centred on modernity? If that’s the case, you may want to explore our tablet bidding options. Making for a fun, interactive event, tablet bidding is a sleek way to ensure your charity event is fundraising all night long. With the tablets (supplied by us) remaining on the table, attendees can scroll through the online catalogue throughout the night, getting to grips with each product and deciding how much to bid. 

The best experiences obtainable 

With so much to do when it comes to planning your charity event, the last thing you need is the task of sourcing experiences to auction. Being a gruelling task that requires a great deal of time, patience and the right contacts, it’s understandable why this is commonly a hurdle for event planners.  

And, where getting the odd restaurant voucher here and there is easy, getting your hands on those unforgettable experiences is the ultimate goal. Seeing people dig deep into their pockets in the name of charity, the more unique the experience, the better the financial outcome for you. 

You will be glad to know that the team here at Bid-Aid we are always working to build these one-of-a-kind experiences.  

From golf days and dinners with celebrities to dream holidays and more, our customers have the option to lean on us when it comes to building experiences to auction.  

Supplying the auctioneer  

Finding an auctioneer that is the perfect blend of professional, funny and confident is a chore, especially if you don’t have any previous experience in working with such individuals. This is why most of our customers enrol the help of us when selecting an auctioneer; tapping into our wonderful community of auctioneers that we work with. 

We will do the numbers bit 

While the fun and success of the evening will see most event planners and hosts relax and enjoy the fruits of their labour, when it comes to charity events, this is not always possible. This is because planners need to keep a handle on the money, being an in-demand accountant for the night.  

This is however not the case when partnering with Bid-Aid for your fundraising event. We will manage your fundraising pot and even transfer the money to your chosen charity after the event has finished.  

Enquire about our silent auction services  

Would you like to learn about ways in which we can help you raise money at your charity event? If so, contact our team today.  


Jamie Baulch
Wednesday, 13th March 2019

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