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Make your Business Charitable

We look at 5 ways you can improve corporate responsabilty.

Modern customers and employees are now becoming increasingly drawn to businesses that exercise a sense of corporate social responsibility; companies that have a wider understanding of world issues as well as making a conscious effort to improve the communities in which they dwell.  

With the majority of both large businesses and SMEs investing time and effort into good causes, in order to compete in the world of business, you need to ensure your company and staff members are doing their bit for charity.  

Here at Bid-Aid, we below share 5 ways in which you can position your business as a charitable one.  

A sponsored challenge  

Nothing beats challenging yourself to raise money for charity. Putting yourself outside of your comfort zone to raise money is always admired by others, seeing friends, family members and colleagues dig deep into their pockets to support you. Popular physical challenges bosses and professionals partake in for charity include: 

The Three Peaks Challenge - The famous Three Peaks Challenge sees participants climb the three tallest mountains in Britain in the tight time frame of 24 hours. The mountains include Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England and Snowdon in Wales. The three require challengers to walk an overall distance of 42 kilometres!  

10,000 step challenge – Improving your health whilst raising money for charity is a winning combination. One way you and your workers can do this is by getting involved in the 10,000 step challenge. Getting sponsored from family and friends, you and your team can dedicate yourself to doing more steps. From giving the office lift a break and taking the stairs to opting to walk to work, doing such a challenge is also great for your carbon footprint!  

Dress-down donations  

As a boss, you will want your staff members to represent your business well, dress smartly and be presentable. But, if you have ever worked in the office environment, you will be well aware of how great that feeling is when you take off your tie or kick off your heels after a big day at your desk. This is why ‘dress downs’ at the office are always welcome, giving workers the option to wear their own get up in exchange for parting with a few pounds for the charity pot.  

Office swear jar  

The woes of every day working life take their toll on us all, hence why you will hear the odd profanity let slip at your place of work. While a nuisance for the prudes amongst us, introducing a charity swear jar is a great idea. It won't take long to fill up; we promise! 

Appoint a partner charity of the year  

Appointing a partner charity for the year is a great way to position your company as a charitable one. What this means is that all your company’s fundraising efforts will go towards one, predetermined charity. This means every bake sale, sponsored run or collection will combine to make one large annual donation.  

This is great for the chosen charity also, allowing you as a business to align yourself to their fundraising goals and help them achieve their bigger targets and annual objectives.  

Pledge a proportion of sales to a chosen charity  

As they say, money speaks volumes. Therefore, if you want to exercise your business’ charitable nature, why not pledge a percentage of sales/profits to charity? This is something that many large corporations do. However, this is not always possible for smaller companies that still want to help. This is why many just decide to run campaigns where they donate a proportion of sales to charity.  

Throw a silent auction  

While all of the above are great for supporting charities, if you want to make a real dent in a charity’s fundraising target, you will need to do something large scale. If this is your ambition, you may wish to explore the idea of a charity auction; a fundraising setup renowned for raking in the big bucks!  

This is something we at Bid-Aid specialise in, being one of the country’s leading silent auction providers. 

Working with all types of event planners, we ensure we can help both businesses and charities, helping them achieve their fundraising goals and make the difference that they need to their organisation.  

One thing that sets us aside from other silent auction companies is the fact that we supply all of the memorabilia and prizes to auction off on the night. With wonderful connections in the celebrity and sporting worlds, we can access some of the most rare, unique and completely original pieces. From signed sports and entertainment memorabilia to dinners with celebrities and holiday breaks you could only dream of, the stature of our auction items are widely recognised.  

Our experience  

Though you may come across other businesses offering silent auctioning services, our experience here at Bid-Aid is unparalleled. With many years of involvement in the world of charity fundraising, we have helped raise millions of pounds for worthwhile causes across the globe, aligned with a large collection of reputable charities and businesses.  

For more details on how we can help you, get in touch. 

Samantha Jones
Saturday, 8th December 2018