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The Best Fundraising Practices to Reach New Donors

Fundraising is a difficult task, no matter how well-known your organisation or cause is.  

From combatting attitudes towards charity-giving to communicating the vitality of your non-profit, the obstacles charities face are varied and constant. This is why at BidAid, we do our best to support fundraisers in their missions, sharing both our services and knowledge to bolster fundraising efforts.  

Today, we look at ways in which fundraisers can attract new Donors outside of their usual network. So, if you are struggling to gain momentum with your fundraising, read on! 

Why charities need to be widening their circle  

If you are a small, community-based charity, you will no doubt have forged a great relationship with friends and Donors that are equally as passionate about your charity work as you are. However, if you want to make real impact, you need to be making a conscious effort to widen your pool of Donors, constantly increasing the number of people interested in your charity and subsequently, the funds coming into the charity bank account.  

Below, we explore the best ways to attract not only new Donors, but the right Donors.  

Targeted social media adverts  

Over 80% of European adults use some form of social media network, being our go-to source for all types of information. This means whoever you are trying to attract, you can do so easily through using social media cleverly.  

One way many charities are promoting their work is via targeted social media marketing. Dissecting their audience based on location, gender and interests, such an approach can prove lucrative. And, social media advertising doesn’t have to be expensive, with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all offering advertising models that start from £10. 

However, it is important that you focus on your objective, attracting ‘new’ Donors. You can ensure this by directing your social messages at people who do not follow or like your page. It is as simple as that!  

Ask current Donors for referrals  

Looking for new Donors doesn’t mean devaluing current Benefactors. In fact, your current network can help you with spreading the word of your fundraising objectives and targets.  

Our advice would be to start with your Board. Board members tend to be within their position due to their knowledge and connections, so don’t be afraid to tap into their strengths and ask them to reach out to people in their circles!  

Take a look at similar organisations and their annual reports 

Competitor analysis is vital for any thriving business, especially those operating in the third sector. For this reason, your charity should be attending other charity events, keeping an eye on similar charities. their marketing efforts and reading through similar organisations’ annual reports.   

By doing so, you can gain an idea of what tactics have been proven and tested, putting you in good stead when planning your campaign to connect with new people.   

Provide interesting volunteer opportunities  

Volunteering is on the rise in the UK, with over 18% of the Millennial generation donating their time to causes they believe to be worthwhile. Having nurtured a generation highly focused on world issues, politics and the environment, young people are proving to be rather outspoken about the need for change and evolution. This is why they make for perfect charity brand ambassadors.  

You can engage with such individuals through offering exciting volunteer opportunities. These can come in all shapes and forms. From charity shop volunteering to volunteering at fundraisers and helping promote the charity, the more exciting the opportunity, the more interest it will gather.  


Though we are always harping on about the benefits of digitally marketing your charity, face-to-face marketing should never be overlooked. This is why as a charity, you should be out and about, attending local and national networking events.  

What’s more is that many events will offer segments for charity owners to deliver a speech/presentation, providing charities with a platform to tell their story and talk directly to potential Donors.   

Utilise BidAid to attract new Donors  

If you are exploring your options when it comes to fundraising, you will be interested to learn about BidAid.org; an innovative fundraising platform. Made use of by hundreds of charities from across the globe, BidAid.org is a place for charities to raise money through auctioning memorabilia. With a worldwide audience made up of active charity Donors, BidAid.org works as a fundraising partner that can make a real difference to charities.  

You can list your own memorabilia that has been donated to you or source exclusive, rare memorabilia and experiences through us. Renowned for our unique items, we have helped all types of charities raise hundreds and thousands of pounds to support the worthy work they do. These range from popular names such as Bernardo's and Kidney Research to the Amy Winehouse Foundation and Safe Foundation.  

Set up your account today   

Setting up an account for your charity takes just a few minutes and is completely free. You can manage your own profile and products, or allow BidAid to handle that side of things for you. You'll receive 90% of all sales at the end of each calendar month.  

For more details on how the platform works and how your charity can make the most of its account, feel free to get in touch today.

Monday, 8th April 2019