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Expect Everything

We do everything possible to provide you the best possible experience.

At BidAid our primary concern is raising money at your event for your chosen charity. Wit this in mind we aim to provide ultimate satisfaction in all aspects of our service. We provide a bespoke charity auction services that allow our clients to have exactly what they require at an event.

Event Structure

What to expect at your event.

Event planning

Event Planning

A dedicated account manager will plan your event.

Auction start

Auction Start

Your auction begins and service staff are ready at hand.

Brochure bidding

Brochure Bidding

Your guests can make silent bids using individually assigned stationery.

Sales processing

Sales Processing

Using payment terminals, guests can complete purchases at their table.

Event reporting

Event Reporting

Your account manager will provide you with a detailed financial report.

Event setup

Event Setup

Dedicated staff set up the event logistics prior to event start.

Digital bidding

Digital Bidding

Your guests can actively bid on auction items on our digital tablets.

Auction finish

Auction Finish

The auction is complete and winners are informed.

Event shutdown

Event Shutdown

The event team will proceed with logistic housekeeping.

Making the Most of Your Event

Your event is extremely important to us. We love our reputation however we love to raise money for charities even more.

At your event we provide fully trained staff to ensure your charity fundraising not only runs smoothly but fulfils its purpose which is fundamentally raising money.

Customer Support

Whether your guests have experienced silent auctions before or are new to this format of fundraising our staff are always on hand to assist your guests. Our digital platforms include a ’Help’ button which alerts our staff to those guests in need of assistance

Product Knowledge

We are proud of our products and all our staff are fully trained and knowledgable about our auction items. Having this knowledge can make the difference to not only the amount of bids at your event but increased bid values.

Encourage Bids

Most importantly of all, our staff are friendly and helpful and subtly encourage guests to engage in the charity auction, after all, your charity is a great cause.

Sales Completion

We provide our event staff with the very best automated payment terminals from leading mobile payment providers WorldPay.
Our staff will give your guests peace of mind and will ensure your guests leave with their wonderful new purchases.


Our staff can deal with all aspects of potential issues on all our platforms. In the unlikely event of any issues our staff have the knowledge to fix any problem under our control.

Together We Achieve More

Our dedicated team are committed in providing a reliable, professional and effective service.

Our comprehensive service is built on dedicated teams ensuring the very best product and service available. We are not just a business. We understand we are in a key position in the industry and our responsibility is to ensure maximum funds are raised for charities and foundations.

We are very proud of our business and take great pleasure knowing the difference it can make to the lives of many people who benefit from the events we attend. Our dedicated teams ensure our philosophy is implemented in all areas of our business.

Product Development


Our dedicated product development team constantly strive to develop and improve our auction products. This ensures our product itinerary is current and desirable, which ultimately leads to increased bid volumes and higher sales prices for the charities.

Event Co-ordination


Our experienced account managers meticulously plan your charity auction providing you with peace of mind.  You can rest assured that we have the best interests of your charity auction event as our main priority. Our professional attitude will ensure that your event can be the very best it can be in all aspects.

Technical Team


Our digital bidding technology was designed and created by our very own development team providing us with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the operation. This information is shared with our event management team. Our bidding technology is monitored throughout your event by a remote tech support manager.

Event Management


Your event will be attended by our event management team who have experience and knowledge in all areas of the event auction process.  Your event is extremely important to us and we take pride in ensuring that it is a success.

Auction Lot Revenue

Charity always comes first with BidAid.

BidAid is committed to ensuring that you, the charity, are the main beneficiary from any lot item sold at your event. Your charity will benefit from every single item sold.

We guarantee this by providing the charity with 10% of the reserve price on ALL items sold. You will also get 100% of all revenue raised above the reserve. GUARANTEED!

Chart 1 - Item sells at reserve.
Chart 2 - Item sells above the reserve.


Amy Winehouse Signed Print Memorabilia

Auction Reserve/Lot Cost

Final Sale Price

Charity Profit

£600.00 + £60.00

Total Profit

£600 (Over Reserve)
£60 (10% Reserve Price)

£60.00 (10%)
(Chart 1)

Product Diversity

We go the extra mile.

At BidAid we stop at nothing when it comes to maximising the fundraising potential at your event. We are unique in the fact that we design and create unique memorabilia, offering unique and limited-edition products that ensure increased sale prices and volume sales. Furthermore, using our experience we are able to offer the best products based on your event type, location, season, guest demographic and various other variables.

Gold Collection

Info, Signed Print
Sales Range £150-£600

Gold Collection

Info, Signed Print
Sales Range £150-£600

Gold Collection

Info, Signed Print
Sales Range £150-£600

* Average Sale Price

Did You Know?

All our products are created in our very own design studio. All our memorabilia items are completely bespoke, and you will not find them anywhere else. We don’t use third party industry suppliers and your guests will always have a diverse, exciting and quality range of items available for purchase.

Product Targeting

Intelligent product planning and placement.

Audience icon


It is crucial to understand the destination of your event when planning the auction itinerary for your event.

We offer a wide selection of generic products that have universal appeal however where possible we do endeavour to provide auction lots that have relevance to the location of the event.

Past experience has demonstrated that targeted products have offered higher sales volumes on specific lots.

Audience icon


Ensuring your audience is offered an adequate range of suitable auction lots can significantly improve the success of an event.

We use our event data to identify the most profitable and appealing auction products for each specific event It is this considered planning that not only generates more revenue but provides excitement and opportunities for all guests.

Our event awareness ensures that on return events we endeavour to provide a totally unique collection to your guests.

Audience icon


Whether it is holiday season, a major sporting event or any other iconic time of the year, we offer a range of seasonal products to enhance your event and make the charity auctions as relevant and current as possible.

Offering items with seasonal reference has proven to be key to increasing revenue.

Audience icon


During the planning stage of your event we identify the event type. This provides us with the opportunity to advise you with the most suitable auction solution to best serve your event and ultimately maximise sales.

Using this information we combine all our ‘Product Targeting’ philosophies to provide the ultimate range of products and experiences.