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Digital Bidding

What you can expect at your event...

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Digital Bidding

What you can expect at your event...

At your event your guests will be provided with a Samsung interactive bidding tablet which displays the BidAid auction software. Your event information and auction lots will be on display to all your guests providing them with all the information required as well as the opportunity to engage into the auction itself.

Once your guests have completed the simple registration process they will be prompted to create and use a four digit access code which provides a secure bidding process. The software has been designed specifically for its user friendly benefits ensuring your guests aren’t deterred from this style of auction.

Guests can peruse the auction lots and make bids accordingly. Our live auction leaderboards and tablet notifications inform guests when they have been outbid and provide continuous opportunities to increase bids. This encourages a competitive yet entertaining element to your charity auction.

The software includes a ‘Live Help’ request option which alerts a staff member who will assist promptly and efficiently.

A ‘Pledge’ button is also displayed allowing your guests to make instant donations to your charity. Payments are made securely via our online payment partner, Stripe.

Winning bidders will be displayed on leaderboards and our staff will congratulate your winning guests and provide secure card processing terminals for payment.

Benefits of Live Digital Bidding:

  • Pre Event Bidding
  • Interactive Bidding
  • Event Software Customisation
  • Improved Product Representation
  • Competitive Bidding
  • Editorial Flexibility
  • Stunning Visual Impact
  • Instant Pledging Facility


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