Here at BidAid, we offer charity auctioning services at events across the globe, auctioning top-of-the range memorabilia that bidders fight over each other to become the proud owner of. 

Having been working in the fascinating world of sports and entertainment memorabilia for decades, it is safe to say that we know what is hot and what is not. 

Today, we take a look at the top qualities needed for a great piece of memorabilia. So, if you are considering investing in a piece or are a charity that wants to raise some funds through auctioning an item, read on!  


Though celeb-signed shirts are great items to own, they are not unheard of, with endorsed football shirts and jerseys pretty easy to come by. This is why when thinking about the value and worth of a piece of memorabilia, the more unusual the piece, the more intrigue it will gain.  

Re-sale value 

When buying a piece of memorabilia, you will no doubt have big plans for it, picturing where in your home or office it will live. While that is great, it is important that you consider your piece as an investment, keeping in mind how much it will retain its value and how it will perform on the re-sale market.  


When Michael Jackson died, The price of Jacko memorabilia went through the roof, rising over 3000% in value. This is because signed records, his belongings and costumes from concerts all became ‘topical’, bringing Jacko back into the realms of popularity and interest. So, when looking to buy a piece, it is worth putting some thought into whether or not it is or will ever be regarded as ‘on-trend’.  

You like it!  

Though value is important when forking out a large sum on a piece of memorabilia, it is essential that you actually like it and are interested by what you have invested in. After all, it is you and your peers that will have to look at it day in, day out.  

It is attractive  

This is sort of an extension of the previous point. Before parting with money for a piece of memorabilia, think about how it looks. Is it a nicely-presented, aesthetically-pleasing piece you will be proud to showcase at your home? Or, is it a little bit on the ugly side and is likely to be kept in a drawer upstairs for nobody to see aside from you? 

Silent auctioning with BidAid  

If you are interested in sports and entertainment memorabilia, then you will no doubt be interested in our silent auction services. Working at all types of charity events taking place across the globe, we offer a charity fundraising aspect to events, allowing guests to bid on a diverse range of memorabilia and experiences.  

What’s more is that these items are sourced by our expert team, famed for sourcing extraordinarily unique and verified items.  

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